Adult Fitness Classes

It’s hard to stay in shape while stuck at home. But we’ve converted our physical classes into live virtual sessions that are scalable for all fitness levels. Just because we all have to #stayathome does not mean we can’t move our bodies, connect with friends, and get healthy. Sitting around all day is boring, frustrating, and can start to make you feel unhappy and unhealthy. Our expert coaches and supportive community will keep you moving safely and help you to get fi, while having a blast.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is based on constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity. Constantly varied means we vary the time, reps, weight and environment of the daily workouts. Functional movements are movements that you would naturally do. For example, whether we are conscious of it, we squat multiple times per day. Think about how many times per day you go from sitting down to standing up and back down. Doesn’t it make sense to train this movement so that we can maintain what is thought to be a simple standard of living? High intensity is relative to each individual member. After demonstrating a solid understating of mechanics as well as being able to perform those mechanics with consistency we then focus on each individual’s intensity. Intensity is simply defined as what challenges you. Some days we’ll encourage you to go a little faster or lift a little heavier. With small consistent efforts of challenging yourself, you will see great changes over time.

CrossFit is utilized by all types of people, from those fighting for our country to those fighting assisted living. The workouts are infinitely scalable. Times, rounds, weights and repetitions can all be sized to meet our members’ current fitness level.

We use jump ropes, plyo boxes, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, rowers, bikes, medicine balls and our bodies. The workouts are comprised of body weight exercises, weightlifting, and what is conventionally thought of as cardio (i.e. running, jumping rope, rowing, biking).

Group Class Structure

Group classes are one-hour in length.  Classes start on-time with an instructor led warm up.  Depending on the day, the group may focus on specific strength or skills before moving on to the conditioning (the part where you sweat and breathe heavy).  Some days our conditioning workouts are 30+ minutes and some days they are shorter than 10 minutes.  It all depends on our goal for your fitness.  Our instructors constantly teach and re-teach technique on all movements in every class to ensure the safety and efficacy of your workouts.  We play music, correct you when you need help, encourage you when you’re tired, and high-five when the work is done.  Our group classes are the time when you blow off steam, forget about work, have fun, and best of all, get fit and healthy.  Come see why CrossFit 908 continues to grow.

We Use

Jump Ropes
Plyo Boxes
Concept 2 Rowers
Glute Ham Developers
Medicine Balls
Our Bodies

Workouts Involve

The workouts are comprised of gymnastic movements, weightlifting and what is conventionally thought of as cardio (i.e. running, jumping rope, rowing).